How it works


How it works

Selling on classifieds

Listing on classifieds is easy and fast, with no vehicle requirements. Listings are published immediately and all communication, payment, title transfer and vehicle transport is managed directly between buyers and sellers. Classifieds stay live for up to 60 days and Hagerty Drivers Club® members receive unlimited, free listings.

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Community driven

Listing a car on classifieds is an exclusive benefit of Hagerty Drivers Club. Join the community and get a ton of other benefits too.

Unlimited listings

Hagerty Drivers Club members get unlimited classified listings with no additional fees.

How it works

Create your listing

Posting a car for sale on classifieds is easy and intuitive with our listing guide. Simply follow the prompts for uploading important details — like high-quality photos, a detailed description and maintenance records — and you'll be selling in no time.

Let Hagerty help

Classified listings are featured in our email marketing, social media sites, newsletters and more. Once your vehicle is posted on classifieds, it'll be available to millions of car lovers. Get ready to shift into sales mode.

Start receiving offers

Your vehicle will be available on our platform for 60 days. All buyers are required to create an account with Hagerty and verify their email address before contacting you or submitting an offer. When an offer comes through, you can accept, counter or decline it directly on the website. Both you and the buyer will have an online record of the details.

Close the sale

After you accept an offer, you and the buyer will work together to make arrangements for the payment and vehicle transfer. Our FAQ below provides helpful resources for closing the deal.

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