How it works


How it works

Bidding on auctions

Buyers looking for the most sought-after vehicles should cruise over to our digital auctions. Every single vehicle has been curated by our team of car specialists. Post-sale support for bills of sale, transferring ownership and payment facilitation is provided by our team. Once your bidder registration is approved (may take up to 24 hours), all you have to do is get ready to ride.

Explore auctions

Hassle free

Our team will provide post-sale support for a safer, more secure buying experience. We’re here to help with any questions or concerns you have along the way.

Desirable cars

Vehicles for sale on auctions are curated by our team of specialists, ensuring that only the most sought-after cars make the cut.

How it works

Register to bid

To provide safer and more secure transactions, every single buyer (and consignor) is ID-verified. Registering to bid is free, but verification may take up to 24 hours; we encourage signing up early so you’re ready to bid as soon as you see a car you love.

Ask questions

Have questions about a car? Now is the time to ask them. From wondering about modifications or specifications to asking about any quirks, you can use the comments section to post a question for the seller and leverage the knowledge of the Hagerty community.

Place your bid

Ready to make an offer? Click the “Place bid” button and enter your bid amount. The buyer’s premium is 7% of the final sale price, with a minimum of $500. Keep an eye on Marketplace to make sure you don’t lose your top position. We’ll watch too; you’ll be notified if you’re outbid.

Close the deal

If you win an auction, we’ll reach out via email to share the good news. From there, our team will support the post-sale logistics, including transferring ownership, collecting payment (including the 7% buyer premium) and helping find vehicle tranportation solutions.

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