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    7 Reasons to Choose Hagerty

    We know there are other options out there. But no one knows classic cars and their owners better than Hagerty. We know how you treat your classic, what it means to you, and the lengths you’ll go to protect it. So we created classic car insurance and other great resources just for drivers like you — people who love classics as much as we do. Here’s how we do it:

    Lower Premiums than Daily Driver Insurance

    We understand your classic car is a prized possession that will be driven sparingly and with great caution, so we adjust premiums accordingly — up to 39% lower on average than daily driver insurance.*

    Daily driver insurance policies may rate your classic as if it’s a regular use vehicle – you will be charged as if you are driving the vehicle daily.

    Guaranteed Value

    You tell us the value of your classic and we’ll affirm that it’s a fair, accurate number. Then, we GUARANTEE that value will be paid to you in the event of a covered total loss.** Period.

    Regular car insurance carriers offer “Actual Cash Value” or “Stated Value” coverage, which may depreciate your vehicle in the event of a claim, resulting in a smaller payout than you anticipate.

    No Fixed Mileage

    Cars are made to be driven. Our policy allows you flexible usage – with no fixed mileage limits. You have the freedom of weekend cruising and more.

    Even if you have full coverage through a regular car insurance carrier, there may be mileage and usage restrictions to control how and when your classic is driven.

    Knowledgeable Service and Exceptional Claims Handling

    All employees and claims adjusters receive classic car training. We’ll save you time because we know exactly what you’re describing when you talk to us about your car. (Yes, we answer the phone.) We know how to value and rate your classic from the start, recommending coverage specifically for how you use it. Should you have a claim, our in-house adjusters are skilled in understanding the intricacies of classic car repair (no need to justify the price of your windshield to us – we get it). We have connections that help quickly track down replacement LKQ, OEM, or NOS parts, if they’re available. And you can choose your own trusted repair shop – or we’ll pay you to do the work.

    A regular car insurance carrier may not be able to source original parts from your car’s maker, instead using only aftermarket parts. They may also depreciate the vehicle’s value in the event of a claim, leaving you with a car that’s a shell of its former self.

    Hagerty Drivers Club™

    Hagerty Drivers Club™ is the ultimate experience for people who love cars. Members enjoy unlimited service events for guaranteed flatbed towing with soft straps, battery jumps, lockouts and more, in addition to exclusive automotive discounts, members-only events, Hagerty magazine and premium access to Hagerty Valuation Tools – all at a great value.

    Regular car insurance roadside coverage may not be offered or may not be able to guarantee a flatbed tow truck that can handle your classic with proper care.

    Industry-leading Valuation Expertise

    Access to our team of valuation experts and tools will help you make the most informed choices on buying or selling – and insuring – your classic cars. Take full advantage of our comprehensive tools and resources to assess values and trends in the classic car market.

    Regular car insurance carriers may not understand the factors that determine a classic’s value (condition, market demand, scarcity, provenance, etc.), which may affect whether your classic is insured properly or how much you are paid in the event of a claim.

    We Care About the Future

    We want you to be able to enjoy your collection well into the future, so we support the hobby through programs like the RPM Foundation, the Historic Vehicle Association®, and our hands-on Hagerty Youth Programs.

    Go with coverage designed for classics.

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    All coverage not available in all states. This is only a general description of coverage. All coverage is subject to policy provisions, exclusions and endorsements.

    *Figure based upon 2017 consumer data collected by Hagerty on single car quotes, with premiums $5000 and under, from several daily driver (or "everyday") auto insurers.

    ** Any deductible and/or salvage value if vehicle is retained by you will be subtracted from the total amount paid. Guaranteed Value includes all taxes and fees unless prohibited by state law.