We are people
who love cars.

We began as a niche insurance agency offering coverage for collector cars. We’re now a global automotive enthusiast brand and the world’s largest membership for car lovers. All of this is driven by our love for cars.

A group of people at a Hagerty sponsored event

Our purpose

To save driving and car culture for future generations.

Our mission

To build a global business to fund our purpose, create a space where team members thrive; and drive positive impact in the world.

Our journey

We’re a global automotive enthusiast brand and world's largest membership for car lovers, with a suite of offerings that enable our members to enjoy their vehicles to the fullest. And it's all driven by our own love for cars.

We believe...

Cars are the vehicles to the best things in life – freedom, self-expression, family and friends. It’s our responsibility to pass the keys to the next generation.

Driving is who
we are.

In addition to proving best-in-class collector car insurance, Hagerty also offers integrated membership products and programs with unique experiences that bring together automotive enthusiasts across the globe. We connect people who love cars through our Hagerty Drivers Club (over 800,000 members), entertainment and events such as The Amelia, Motorlux, the California Mille, live and digital car auction experiences and our media properties. We are also a leading provider of expert car valuation data and insights.

We strive to make a positive impact in the world.

We operate with integrity & excellence

Treating our team members, members, and shareholders with the highest degree of integrity is core to our mission. Our members trust us to be honest and deliver on our promise to provide better coverage at lower prices for the cars they love – so they can focus on the joy of driving. By representing our products and services with integrity and committing to exceeding our members’ expectations, we earn exceptional customer loyalty and enable our business to thrive and grow.

Customer privacy & data

Hagerty has a long-standing commitment to customer privacy and data security. We protect our team members’ and members’ personal data from unauthorized third-party access, malicious attacks, and data exploitation, and follow strict data protection requirements.

Corporate governance

At Hagerty, we are fueling business growth and impact through strong leadership and best-in-class governance, ensured by our experienced Management and Board of Directors. Our Board is comprised of individuals with diverse and strategically relevant experiences in many disciplines that impact our business, as well as an independent lead director, and 25% female representation.

Whistleblower hotline


You speak

We rely on our integrity to do what is right and that includes speaking up when we witness or know of any violations of our Code of Conduct or other Hagerty policies.


We listen

We encourage our team members to report concerns to their supervisor, to Human Resources or Legal and Compliance departments. Through the Hagerty We Listen reporting system we empower Hagerty everyone to report concerns about potential compliance violations or unethical business practices.


We act

We review all Code, handbook, or policy violations that are reported and take necessary steps to address the matters. Retaliation against anyone who raises a concern in good faith is strictly prohibited.

Hagerty Drivers Foundation

We believe automotive heritage is worth saving and celebrating