Insurance for classic boats

For over 35 years, Hagerty has been committed to helping you protect your classic boats.

Get coverage designed for classic boats, with in-house specialists who are here for you from quoting to policy management.

Coverage features for classic boats

  • Agreed value coverage
  • Cherished Salvage®
  • Emergency protection coverage
  • Coverage for your spare parts and tools
  • Trip interruption coverage
  • Agreed value for scheduled trailers
  • Valuable papers coverage
  • Fine arts and antiques coverage

Benefits of boat insurance through Hagerty

Agreed value

If you have a covered total loss, you receive the full agreed value the boat is insured for on your policy.* Many insurance programs only pay “up to” the insured value on your policy, this is known as a stated value policy. In other words, you may not receive the full insured amount. Make sure you know exactly what your policy pays.

Club discounts

As an added bonus to boaters who are involved in the hobby, the program provides substantial discounts to members of most established collector boating clubs.**

Pleasure usage

We encourage pleasure usage, with customizable navigational territories available to match your boating needs.

Unlimited land transportation

Wherever you take your boat your coverage goes with you, even when it’s on the trailer on the way to the lake or in storage for the off-season. We offer unlimited overland transportation within the United States and Canada.

Our underwriter

Our policies are underwritten by Essentia Insurance Company or Markel American Insurance Company (“MAIC”).

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Marine partners

These fine organizations and clubs exist to bring together enthusiasts in the inspiring world of classic boats—to share ideas, information and create a strong community of classic boaters and supporters of the hobby.

Types of classic boats covered

Our program covers many different types of boats, ranging from wooden boats to classic fiberglass boats. So, how do you know if your boat qualifies for coverage?

Wooden boats

Hagerty proudly offers an insurance program to protect most classic wooden boats. Whether you own an original Chris-Craft, Century, Gar Wood or a high-quality reproduction of a classic boat, we have a program for it. If it’s collectible, made of wood and in good to excellent condition, our program likely protects it.

Fiberglass boats

Most collectible fiberglass boats that are older than 1990 will be considered. The most collectible fiberglass boats are early generation models, have unique design or had a limited production run.


Runabouts typically range in size from 14’ to 33’ and are characterized by a closed top deck with individual cockpits for seating. Examples include barrel back designs, larger triple cockpits and gentleman’s racers.


Utilities typically range in size from 12’ to 30’ and are characterized by a large open interior with only the top deck forward of the windshield. They are some of the most popular designs, as the open interior lends them to a wide range of activities.


These vessels range in length from 16’ to 30’. They are an open configuration usually with seating able to accommodate several passengers. The earliest versions were powered by steam with later versions having small single cylinder gas powered engines.


Wooden hulled sailboats range from 12’ open boats to much larger vessels with full cabin facilities. There are several specific design types: Yawl, Gaff rig, Cutter, Catboat, Sloop and many others. An Out-of-Water survey may be required for sailboats over 26ft. Club racing is permitted.

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