Vintage Motorcycle & scooter Insurance


Does your motorcycle qualify for Hagerty insurance? Find out now.

Low Annual Premiums

One of the least expensive parts of owning a bike is insuring it with Hagerty. We know you don't ride your classic motorcycle like your regular motorcycle, so, we adjust premiums accordingly.

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Guaranteed Value Coverage

Nobody knows your bike's true value better than you. That's why at Hagerty, our valuation experts work with you to agree on an accurate value for your bike up front. If there's a covered total loss, we'll pay that amount**. Period.

Exceptional Claims Handling

We handle all of our claims in-house. Our adjusters have been trained in the art of classic motorcycle repairs. Plus, we let you choose the repair shop — or we’ll even pay you to do the work yourself!

Emergency Roadside Service (Guaranteed Flatbed Towing)

Older motorcycles are going to break down. No big deal. Especially with Hagerty Plus, the emergency roadside service we created with classics in mind. Includes guaranteed flatbed towing, fuel delivery and much more.

Multi-Vehicle Discount

If you have more than one motorcycle insured on your Hagerty policy you may be eligible for a multi-vehicle discount. With each bike you add you receive an additional multi-vehicle discount, so the savings keep coming.

No fixed Mileage

Freedom to Enjoy Your Motorcycle

Motorcycles are made for the freedom of the road. Our policy allows flexible usage — with no fixed mileage limits. Whether it's a ride on a summer day, attending a club event or going to a show, you're covered.

Spare Parts and Tools Coverage

Work on the bike yourself? OK, dumb question. Of course you do. That’s why we offer coverage for spare parts and tools. If you have extra parts lying around in your garage that are worth money, we’ll cover them.

Motorcycle Apparel Coverage

We’d like to see you live to ride another day. So let’s make a deal: You wear safety apparel — like helmets, goggles, boots and protective clothing — we’ll pay for it if damaged in an accident. We cover you, your bike and what you’re wearing.

What is a Classic Motorcycle?*

Here are a few common examples of motorcycles we insure:

  • BMW R69
  • Cushman
  • Pierce Four
  • Café Racers
  • Indian Chief
  • Honda CB350
  • Ariel Square 4
  • Flying Merkel
  • Ducati 750 GT
  • Yamaha RD350
  • BSA Lightening
  • Retired Dirt Bikes
  • Triumph Bonneville
  • Norton Commando
  • Harley Davidson FLH
  • Vincent Black Shadow
  • Henderson 4 Cylinder
  • Harley Davidson Sportster

*List Not Comprehensive

  • 1947 Indian Chief
    1947 Indian Chief
  • 1964 Harley Davidson FL
    1964 Harley Davidson FL
  • 1973 Norton Commando
    1973 Norton Commando

Motorcycle Qualifications:

  • Motorcycles must be 1989 or older.
  • Sidecars must be original equipment from the era of the bike's original manufactured date.
  • Motorcycles must be stored in a fully enclosed garage, carports are not acceptable.
  • Motorcycles being restored can be considered if they meet the minimum value requirement.
  • Minimum value is $2,000.
  • Collections of 3 or more motorcycles – minimum value is $1,000 per bike.

Frame & Structurally Modified Motorcycles:

  • Motorcycles must be 1975 or older
  • Minimum insured value is $7,500.
  • Replica motorcycles can be considered (A 1951 Harley is restored on a 1973 Harley frame).
  • Custom built motorcycles (Choppers) are not eligible.
  • Trikes (three-wheeled custom motorcycles) are not eligible.

If you want to ride with the freedom that Hagerty offers for classic motorcycles, quote now.

**Any deductible and/or salvage value if retained by you will be subtracted from the total amount paid.

All coverage not available in all states. This is only a general description of coverage. All coverage is subject to policy provisions, exclusions and endorsements.