Better coverage built for classics at a price you can afford.

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    Does Your Vehicle Qualify for Classic & Collector Insurance?

    We know you love your classic and collector vehicles, and we want to help you protect and enjoy them.

    Do you qualify? Qualification depends on usage, storage and driving record. Learn more

    Vehicles That May Not Qualify

    Because we provide low-cost, Guaranteed Value coverage, we are not able to provide coverage for certain vehicles due to how they are used and the increased risk associated.

    • Camping, off-road, or utility-type vehicles
    • Daily-use vehicles
    • Commercial-use vehicles
    • Motorcycles with performance modifications
    • Any vehicle modified with nitrous components
    • Dune buggies

    Do You Qualify for Our Classic Car Insurance?

    In order to qualify for our Guaranteed Value collector car insurance you must meet the following requirements:


    Our policy allows you to use your collector vehicle for club functions, exhibitions, organized meets, tours and even occasional pleasure driving — it just can't be your daily driver.


    Collector vehicles generally must be stored in a private, enclosed, secure structure when not in use. Appropriate storage examples include:

    • private residential garages
    • private pole building or barns
    • rental storage units

    Driver Eligibility

    In most states, we can't offer coverage to drivers with a serious infraction within the last three years. Serious infractions include:

    • alcohol-related offenses
    • reckless driving
    • excessive speed violations

    All household driving records are subject to underwriter review. Generally one or two minor violations or accidents are acceptable.

    Regular-Use Vehicles

    • All household members with a valid drivers license must have a regular-use vehicle for daily driving.
    • Motorcycles and public transportation are not considered viable regular use vehicles by our program in most cases (contact us for details).
    • Applicants must also maintain regular-use insurance in their own names.

    If your vehicle qualifies, get a quote now or call 877-922-9701 for more information.

    All coverage not available in all states. This is only a general description of coverage. All coverage is subject to policy provisions, exclusions and endorsements.