1951 Volkswagen Beetle

2dr Split-Window Sedan

4-cyl. 1131cc/25hp 1bbl

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Model overview

Model description

Ferdinand Porsche died in 1951 at age 75, but Volkswagen continued to grow, selling 93,709 cars that year. The Beetle still looked the same, but 24 improvements were made that year. There were air vents between the front fenders and doors, and the dashboard was finally updated from the 1938 prototype with a two-spoked cream-colored wheel, bright metal central grille and right-side locking glovebox, while a fancy Wolfsburg crest was added to the hood of Export Sedans.

Mechanically, the magnesium-aluminum engine case was replaced with electron alloy. The generator improved, as did the heater and its controls. Cabriolets received hidden door hinges and door pockets.

The 1951 Volkswagen Beetle standard two-door sedan cost $1295, the DeLuxe Sedan was $1480, Sunroof Sedan $1550 and the Cabriolet jumped to $2296. A total of 15 exterior colors were available: Pastel Green (L11), Medium Green (L13), Reseda Green (L14), Pearl Gray (L21), Silver Gray (L23), Dove Blue (L31), Dark Blue (L32), Azure Blue (L36), Medium Blue (L37), Black (L41), Maroon Red (L55), Medium Brown (L70), Chestnut Brown (L73), Pearl White (L87) and Sand Beige (L90). Interior colors were keyed to exterior paint. Standard interior was Beige cloth, while optional interiors were Beige leatherette or Red Beige leatherette. Headliner was Beige or Gray and carpets Gray-Beige or Honey Brown, and rubber mats were Beige or Black.

The 1951 Beetle Cabriolets were built by Karmann in 1951/52. Colors were Atlantic Green (L19), Dove Blue (L31), Black (L41), Poppy Red (L54), Ivory (L60), Medium Brown (L70), Beige (L71) and Parchment White (L81). Convertible tops were Black, Gray, Green, Blue, Beige or Brown. Cloth interiors were Beige and leatherette were Beige or Red Beige. Carpet was Gray or Brown and mats were Black.


Additional Info
Shipping Weight: 1600 lbs
Vehicle Length: 160 in
Wheelbase - Inches: 94.5 in

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