1970 TVR Vixen II

2dr Coupe

4-cyl. 1599cc/92hp 2bbl

#1 Concours condition#1 Concours
#2 Excellent condition#2 Excellent
#3 Good condition#3 Good


#4 Fair condition#4 Fair
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Model overview

Model description

The TVR Vixen S2 featured several updates compared to the S1. Firstly, the GRP bodywork was bolted on rather than bonded, as it had been on the S1. The wheelbase and chassis were also longer, and the taillights now came from a Ford Cortina Mk 2. Otherwise, the cars were largely the same, including the 1.6-liter Ford “Kent” engine and 4-speed gearbox from the Cortina GT.

TVR introduced the Vixen S2 in October of 1968, and optional extras included a laminated windscreen, tinted windows, radio and alloy wheels. The British magazine Autocar called the S2 “good fun and still an eye-catcher.”

During 1969, the TVR Vixen S2 got power-assisted brakes and recessed air intakes on the hood. By the later part of 1970, it had been replaced by the Vixen S3, which could be distinguished by its Kent engine in Capri 1600 GT form. The S3 lasted until 1972, when it was replaced by a Vixen S4 model that looked similar but had a stronger chassis derived from the forthcoming M-Series TVRs, which came in four-cylinder form as the 1600M in 1973.

Later Vixens are more comfortable for taller drivers thanks in large part to the longer chassis. Buyers should keep an eye out for rust on the front chassis outriggers and fuel tank as well as corroded electrical contacts or signs of water leaking into the cabin.

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