1969 Ford Falcon

2dr Club Coupe

6-cyl. 170cid/100hp 1bbl

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The Ford Falcon’s lineup remained stable as Ford continued to offer seven models for 1969. Side markers were less conspicuous and, as was the pattern of the time, some trim was shuffled. Otherwise, it was just another year of few changes for the Falcon. Considering Ford introduced a new-generation compact, the 1970 Maverick, mid-year, it was obvious Falcon’s days were numbered. Nonetheless, Ford found a reason to produce them concurrently.

As the “last of the big savers,” the standard 1969 Ford Falcon was still available as a Club Coupe or four-door sedan, now with all-vinyl interiors standard. The Falcon Futura Club Coupe and four-door sedan now included rocker panel trim. Ford claimed the cockpit-style bucket seats of the Futura Sports Coupe “makes the going fun.” Wagons remained unchanged aside of the respective standard Falcon and Futura tweaks.

Both six-cylinder engines maintained their power ratings and transmission pairings, but there was change with the V-8s. Both the 289 2-barrel and 302 4-barrel were discontinued, replaced by a 302 2-barrel rated at 220 horsepower. The same transmissions were offered aside of the 4-speed manual, which had been discontinued.

In its final full model year, the Ford Falcon sold 95,015 units. It would be produced for several more months as a 1970 model.

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