1964 Dodge Dart 270

2dr Sedan

6-cyl. 225cid/145hp 1bbl

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The year 1964 was Dodge’s Golden Anniversary and the Dart received a few face-lifts, including a new grille and trim changes. The big news, though, was the addition of a new V-8 engine, delivering 180 bhp from 273 cid. The 101 bhp, 170 cid slant six was still the base engine on the sedan, hardtop and convertible while the 145 bhp 225 cid slant 6 six powered most station wagons.

Dodge production rose dramatically in 1964 and with 505,094 new cars delivered the division rose from eighth to sixth place and grabbed 6.2 percent of the U.S. market. The Dart was hitting its stride, with sales up 40,000 units to 181,300 sales.

The base 1964 Dodge Dart 170 began at $1,988 for the two-door sedan and the range included a four-door sedan and a station wagon. The intermediate 270 model included a two-door sedan, four-door sedan, two-door hardtop, two-door convertible and station wagon. The upscale Dart GT attracted 50,700 buyers for the two-door hardtop and convertible, with a base price of $2,318.

The 1964 Dodge Dart was pretty basic, but options included an AM radio, heater and defroster were, luggage rack and power tailgate window for station wagons, power steering, automatic transmission, front seat belts, wheel covers, padded dash, and two-tone paint. Air conditioning was still a dealer-installed option.

Dodge offered 16 colors for the 1964 Dart, including Black, Light Blue/Wedgewood, Medium Blue/Nassau Blue, Dark Blue/Monarch Blue, Aqua, Light Turquoise/Medium Turquoise, Dark Green, Dark Gray/Madison Gray, Red, Ivory, Roman Dark Red, Persian White, Beige/Dune Beige, Sable Tan, Anniversary Gold. Numerous two-tone colors were available as well, and were reversible.

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