1927 Chevrolet Capitol AA

2dr Coach

4-cyl. 171cid/26hp 1bbl

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Chevrolet introduced an attractive new line of cars in 1927, the first major redesign since Alfred Sloan took the reins at GM in 1923. The company had gradually been closing the sales gap with Ford and finally passed the Model T this year as Henry Ford shut down for six months to convert to Model A production. Chevrolet sales topped one million units at 1,001,820 and 678,843 were the new 1927 Chevrolet Capitol Series AA model.

The new Chevy Capitol Series still shared the 103-inch wheelbase with the preceding K and V models, but a double beltline and attractive colors made it appear lower. The grille and fenders were new and bullet headlights replaced the old drum style. Throttle and spark controls were moved, and there was a new parking brake and a lock for the steering and ignition. Natural color wood wheels were now optional (they had previously been painted). Instruments included a speedometer, ammeter and gas gauge and the 21.7 bhp, 171 cubic-inch, OHV four-cylinder engine had both oil and air filters. All models now had a two-piece stop/taillight.

While the $695 Capitol Coach 2-door sedan was the best-selling model in the U.S. with 239,566 produced, the style leader was the $715 Sports Cabriolet fixed-head coupe with a canvas-covered top and dummy landau irons. It found 41,137 buyers and was the first low-priced rumble seat model to reach the market.

Another new model was the Imperial Landau which replaced the Landau Sedan midyear. This had a cloth-covered top and landau irons but lacked the rear side windows of the Landau Sedan for a more formal look. At $745 the Imperial Landau found 37,426 buyers, against 42,410 for the Landau Sedan. It might have done better if it had been introduced sooner.

Overall, the Capitol Series offered eight models, ranging from the $525 Roadster and Touring to the $745 Landau Sedan. Two-door models included the 2-passenger Roadster and Coupe; 2/4 passenger Sports Cabriolet and 5-passenger Coach. Four-door models ranged from the 5-passenger Touring and Sedan to the Imperial Landau and Landau Sedan.

A new truck series was also launched, known as the LM. The same bodies were offered as with the preceding R and X Series, but with the new radiator shell. Chevrolet offered its own Panel Delivery body with windup side windows instead of the open C-type cab, but this would be the last year. It cost $755 and featured a bed that was 102 inches long, 42 inches wide and 45 inches high. Chevrolet also produced a stake bed LM truck in its own factories.

Most Chevrolet open express bodies were made by Hercules and Martin Parry, though smaller builders like DeKalb also offered some. If bare chassis were ordered, custom bodies included delivery vans, open express bodies, stake beds, canopy beds, dump trucks, fuel tankers, buses, and depot hacks. Woody Station Wagon bodies could also be built on extended chassis and some coachbuilders offered hearses.

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