1990 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z

2dr Convertible

8-cyl. 305cid/210hp TPI

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#4 Fair condition#4 Fair

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Model overview

Model description

Production of 1990 Chevrolet Camaros dropped to a mere 34,986, as the facelifted 1991 model was launched January 1, 1990. A total of 12,743 Camaros were powered by a larger 140hp V-6 and 22,243 by V-8 engines. This was the last year for the IROC-Z model as Chevrolet did not renew its contract with the International Race of Champions. The 1990 Camaro featured a driver’s side airbag and a new semi-circular gauge cluster with yellow lettering instead of white.

The Camaro RS Coupe featured the base V-6 and 28,750 were sold starting at $10,995. Only 729 RS Convertibles were built with the 305 cid inch V-8 engine starting at $16,880. A total of 4,213 IROC-Z V8 Coupes were built starting at $14,555 along with only 1,294 IROC-Z V-8 convertibles beginning at $20,195.

Two V-8 engines were available as upgrades to the RS Coupe. 16,736 shoppers opted to pay an extra $350 for the 170hp, 305 cid V-8 in the RS Coupe, while 3,092 buyers spent $745 for the 210hp, 305 cid V-8 (no cost with IROC-Z). A further 2,415 IROC-Z Coupe customers shelled out $300 for the bigger 245hp 350 cid V-8. A 5-speed manual gearbox was offered as the base transmission, but 31,630 customers decided to spend an extra $515 for a 4-speed overdrive automatic transmission.

Convenience options followed a pattern similar to previous years. A total of 34,247 buyers ordered air conditioning, 32,579 bought cruise control, 31,360 spent $515 on overdrive automatic transmissions, 32,856 ordered side moldings, 32,673 chose carpeted floor mats, 32,591 bought power door locks, 23,410 picked a power hatch release, 22,497 opted for power windows, 32,963 opted for the mirror with dual reading lamps and 31,421 selected a self-seeking stereo cassette AM/FM stereo with clock. The options could be bundled in groups, two for the RS Coupe and convertible and three for the IROC-Z Coupe and Convertible

Seven colors were available in 1990, led by Bright Red (8,168), White (6,878), Black (5,125), Bright Blue (5,069), Dark Red (4,420), Medium Gray (2,787) and Light Blue (2,539).

Chevy built 62 Camaro 1LE Z28 Coupes for SCCA Showroom Stock racing for 1990, starting with RPO G92 performance axle. If air-conditioning was ordered the car received 4-wheel disc brakes, an oil cooler and dual exhaust. If a/c was not included, heavy duty Corvette performance parts were added. The package cost $466 with air-conditioning, $675 without.

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