1984 Chevrolet Camaro

2dr Sport Coupe

8-cyl. 305cid/150hp 4bbl

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Model overview

Model description

The third generation Chevrolet Camaro Z28 was a huge success in the first two years of production, and sold twice as many units as the Camaro Berlinetta. As a result, the Berlinetta received a big makeover for 1984. It gained a unique digital dash with movable controls each side of the gauges, optional roof switches and a radio that swiveled on top of the console ahead of the shift lever.

Camaro production jumped significantly, but most of the gains were to the Z28 (100,899 sold) and the basic Sports Coupe (127,292) while the Berlinetta notched up just 33,400 buyers. Overall, Chevy sold 261,591 Camaros, with 10,687 four-cylinder models, 98,471 V-6-powered and 152,433 with a V-8. Prices ranged from the Sport Coupe, based at $7,995, to the Berlietta at $10,895 and the Z28 at $10,620.

The 1984 Camaro would be the last to get the base 4-speed manual gearbox, and it was only available with the 92hp, 151 cid four-cylinder engine. A total of 98,471 buyers paid an extra $250 for the 173hp 173 cid V-6 (standard on the Berlinetta), and the rest of the buyers either spent $550 for the 150hp, 305 cid V-8 (standard on the Z28) or another $530 for the 190hp HO V-8.

While the 3-speed automatic transmission was available, 68,844 buyers paid an additional $525 for the 4-speed automatic overdrive transmission. The 4-speed manual was upgraded to a 5-speed by 47,441 buyers who spent $125 to do so.

Luxury and comfort items were still very popular, even as legitimate performance crept back into the Chevy Camaro line. A total of 240,666 cars had tinted windows, 197,638 had tilt steering, 196,120 air conditioning, 171,4612 a rear defroster, 130,522 power windows, 130,528 power hatch release, 127,582 cruise control, 100,242 power door locks, 100,008 intermittent wipers, and 90,278 had glass T-Tops, which cost almost $100 more than air-conditioning at $830.

Appearance items included drip moldings (141,281), carpeted front floor mats (160,936), rear mats (153,371), side moldings (156,568), sport mirrors, (118,709), rear compartment luggage cover (85,694) rear spoiler (81,869), auxiliary lights (107,123) and Rally wheels (114,317).

The top of the line stereo cost $605 and included an AM/FM cassette, five-band graphic equalizer, dynamic noise reduction, and built-in power booster. A special Sarajevo Winter Olympics package was also offered, featuring white body paint with red white and blue stripes, Olympic insignias and “Sarajevo ’84 decals.

Performance items came a distant third. Sport suspension found 17,230 buyers, along with Positraction (17,837), 4-wheel power discs (17,494), full instruments (27,853 – standard with Z28), performance axle ratio (834 – Z28 only), heavy duty battery (100,404), and heavy duty radiator (16,640).

Eleven colors were offered. Red (45,749) was favored, followed by Black (38,585), White (36,930), Dark Blue (28,082) Charcoal (25764), Silver (19,987), Beige (16120), Light Blue (14,886), Light Brown (13,862), Dark Gold (13,428) and Dark Brown (8,198).


Standard Equipment
Additional Info
Drive Type: RWD
Front Tire Size Code: 17
Front Tire Size: 14R195
Manufacturer Code: C137
Manufacturer MSRP: 8245
Market Segmentation: Mid Size Sport
Shipping Weight: 2883
Wheel Base Longest - Inches: 101.0
Wheel Base Shortest - Inches: 101.0
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