1969 BMW R60/2


2-cyl. 594cc/30hp

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Model overview

Model description

Production of the sporty BMW R69S fell off in 1969, but the all-purpose 1969 BMW R60/2 continued to sell steadily even as the age of multi-cylinder superbikes dawned. The main attributes were BMW’s quality and durability, as suggested by the rich paint and plating. An important update had been introduced in 1967 when the R60US adopted a telescopic front fork to replace the Earles-type leading-link front suspension with hydraulic dampers. The move reflected the de-emphasis of sidecar use in favor of individual and two-up sport riding and touring.

The R60/2 continued with a twin-leading-shoe front drum brake and single shoe rear drum. And it still made do with a six-volt, 60-watt Bosch electrical system with magneto. With bore and stroke of 72 x 73mm and a low 7.5:1 compression ratio, the air-cooled, overhead-valve horizontally opposed 593cc twin produced 30hp at 5,800 rpm. A pair of inclined 24mm Bing carburetors with sliding throttle and needle valves managed fuel flow. Unitized construction mated the engine to the four-speed gearbox. Top speed was 90 mph (or 69 mph with sidecar). Tank capacity was 4.5 gallons, but an oversize 6.5-gallon tank was available. The bike weighed 436 lb (705 lb with sidecar), and fuel consumption was 47 mpg (36 mpg with sidecar). Fitted with a fairing, Hella bar-end turn signals, and crash bars to protect the cylinders, the BMW R60/2 made quite a sophisticated statement. It was just different from other motorcycles on the road at the time. Leather saddlebags offered by BMW importer Butler & Smith enhanced the sophistication even further.

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