1999 Chevrolet Camaro SS

2dr Convertible

8-cyl. 346cid/320hp SFI

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Model overview

Model description

Chevrolet changed the Camaro little in 1999, with the Base Coupe and Convertible as well as the Z28 Coupe and Convertible making up the bulk or production, which dropped to 42,098 in total. Wireless throttle controls were introduced to V-6 models and all engines received an oil monitor with a warning light for when a change was recommended. A compound fuel tank replaced the steel until, increasing fuel capacity from 15.5 gallons in 1998 to 16.8 gallons in 1999.

The popularity of the Camaro Convertible continued to fade. While 23,249 buyers selected the Base Coupe starting at $17,240, only 1,652 bought convertibles from $22,740. The disparity continued in Z28 selections, with 14,747 Coupes sold from $21,485 but only 2,448 Convertibles from $28,465.

Air conditioning was now standard. A 4-speed automatic transmission was a no-charge option on the Z28, but Base model buyers had to spend an extra $815. A total of 29,840 buyers selected an automatic transmission. The V-6-powered Base models were available with a 5-speed manual gearbox and the Z28s with a 6-speed. As before, the 200hp V-6 was fitted to Base cars while the Z28 came with a 305hp 346 cid LS1 V-8.

The WU8 Camaro SS Package included a 320hp V-8, a composite hood with cold-air induction, 17-inch tires, special suspension and SS trim. It cost $3,700 and 4,829 buyers stepped up. Production totaled 1,380 automatic coupes, 2,647 6-speed manual coupes along with 437 automatic convertibles and 365 6-speed manual convertibles.

Meanwhile, 74 buyers opted for the 1LE Special Performance Components “track package”, and spent $1,200 for double shocks, heavy duty sway bars and brakes and dual exhaust. A further eight buyers added the SS package, with seven 6-speed cars and one Hugger Orange automatic.

The B4C Police Package, which combined the Z28 power options with the Base trim, was chosen by 196 buyers. To further confuse things, the Y3F Sport Appearance Package combined bodywork, trim and styling details from the discontinued Rally Sport model. It cost $1,755 to add to a Base car and $1,348 fitted to a Z28. In all 6,298 customers selected the RS group.

New exterior colors for the 1999 Chevrolet Camaro included Light Pewter Metallic, Bright Blue Metallic and Hugger Orange. In addition five cars were painted Sport Gold, a 1998 color, and 45 were painted Monterey Maroon, which would be a 2000 model color. The favorite color was Black (8,742), followed by Light Pewter Metallic (8,665), Bright Red (7,788), Arctic White (5,276), Navy Blue (4,974), Sebring Silver Metallic (2,385), Mystic Teal Metallic (1,482), Hugger Orange (1,402), Bright Blue Metallic (1,117), Bright Green Metallic (217), Monterey Maroon Metallic (45) and Sport Gold Metallic (5). Convertible tops were Black (2,784), Neutral (841) and White (502).

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