2003 Mercedes-Benz SL 500

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  • ListedTue, Sep 19
  • LocationPin outlineSan Antonio, TX

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$352/yearEstimated rate for this vehicle

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Mileage25,629 Miles
Engine5.0 liter 24V V8 with Carfax and Vehicle Master Inquiry (VMI) from Mercedes available to review shows regular maintenance with on-time oil changes throughout the life of this SL.
Body StyleConvertible
Exterior ColorWhite
Interior ColorGray

2003 Mercedes Benz SL 500 Roadster For Sale

This 2003 SL 500 has been and still is a Garage Queen. I am the third owner and I purchased this car in June of 2021, as my Covid project. I am not going to go into great detail regarding the history of Mercedes Benz or a lot of details about the SL model either. I have found that most buyers that are looking at ads like this are very well-informed regarding Mercedes vehicles and fairly sophisticated regarding the performance, maintenance, and driveability. They know these puppies are awesome and move like crazy with the V-8 and 5-speed automatic. They are also well-informed regarding maintenance and the requirements that a 20-year-old Benz needs. This 2003 has had over $15,000 spent for maintenance and upgrades in the past 2 years. Sure you can find the exact color combo and year with maybe 50K more miles for 15K to 20K but you had better be prepared to spend some $$$ to get that car to where this one is today. I have found from experience that these cheaper SLs require additional repairs etc. With just over 25,000 miles and a fresh oil change, it is ready to go!!!

During the past 2-3 years this 2003 SL 500 has had the following maintenance and upgrades; also everything works as it should:

1/20 Front Battery

10/20 Trunk battery

10/20 Power Top Cylinders repaired or replaced

10/20 New fuel tank Cap

7/21 4 New 18” Michelin tires, brakes, rotors, and pads at 24,347 miles July 2021

7/21 4 New AMG multispoke wheels

7/21 Replaced high-pressure pump and struts for ABC Suspension system

7/21 New fuel filter, suspension system filter

7/21 New fluids all around and flushed…brake, transmission, suspension, and oil/filter change. I have changed the oil three times since purchasing the SL

7/21 SRS Sensor Replaced

7/21 new Antenna

7/21 New Trunk /latch mechanism

8/21 New High-End Custom Sound system with new amplifiers, head unit, and front and rear cameras. (The original system goes with the sale)

Paint and exterior

This SL's paint is flawless due to keeping it in the garage all its life. It was professionally detailed last spring. The previous owner in 2020 backed into a tree and scratched the rear bumper requiring a respray. No airbag deployment or damage to the structure. To prevent a mishap like this in the future I installed front and rear cameras. Oh yes, the distance sensors did work but the previous owner did not react quickly enough.

Upholstery and interior

The leather seats are in perfect condition and show no wear, tear, or rips. The carpet is immaculate. There are two sets of mats that go with the sale...one set is new carpet mats and the other is rubber mats.


Original Engine: Yes

Fuel-injected V8 with all maintenance performed per Mercedes Warranty requirements. The engine bay is spotless and no signs of fluid leaks. All fluids, brake engine oil, antifreeze, and transmission fluids were changed in July 2021. The oil was changed regularly.


Car Fax and VMI report indicate true mileage and maintenance on this SL

Wheels and tires

New 18-inch AMG multispoke wheels were added in the summer of 2021 with no curb rash or scratches.


Complete brake restoration was done at 25,500 miles including calipers, discs and pads.


5 speed automatic with recent transmission fluid change with filter



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