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1942 White Scout Car

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    Tue, Nov 28, 2023
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  • LocationPin outlineMt. Dora, Florida
Mileage458 Miles
Engine320 cu-in Inline-Six
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The White Motor Company produced the M3A1 Scout Car for the US Military during World War II for use in both the Pacific and European theaters. The M3A1 was based on the M3 light armored truck, but its chassis was lengthened to improve its off-road capabilities. The M3A1 Scout Car was used for various purposes, including scouting, patrolling, and screening, which were traditionally reserved for cavalry units. It was first used in combat during the Japanese invasion of the Philippines in 1941 and later saw use in North Africa and Sicily. Originally, they came equipped with skate rails, two 0.30 caliber guns at the rear, and one forward central 0.50 caliber machine gun. Radios were often fitted to the car for use during scouting missions or when being used as a command vehicle.


  • Completely restored in 2016 with original or New Old Stock (NOS) parts wherever possible for use in the yearly Veteran’s Day parade as well as being displayed at various events and exhibits

  • Fully equipped for participation in a World War II reenactment

  • Powered by a rebuilt 320 cu-in Hercules JXD inline-six-cylinder gasoline engine generating 110 horsepower with a minimum octane rating of 68

  • Maximum cruising speed of 45 mph with a maximum range of 250 miles

  • Bumper mounted un-ditching roller allowing for crossing trenches up to 1.5 feet wide and climbing 1 ft high steps

  • Armor: ¼ inch sides, ½ inch windshield removable armor, shatterproof glass windshield, and ½ inch louvered armor for radiator

  • Crewed by a driver and commander, with additional seating for up to six additional personnel

  • Reported to retain its original cab armor while the rear and windshield armor has been replaced

  • A design that later half-tracks pulled much inspiration from 

  • Displaying only 458 miles on the NOS speedometer since restoration


  • Gross vehicle weight: 11,750 pounds

  • Maximum payload: 2,850 pounds

  • Length: 222 inches

  • Width: 80 inches

  • Height: 79 inches

  • Wheelbase: 118 inches

  • Maximum fording depth of 28 inches 

  • 30 gallon fuel tank

  • Full time four-wheel-drive

  • Two-speed transfer case

  • Four-speed, constant mesh, manual transmission

  • Vacuum-assisted power brakes

Known Imperfections

  • Minor oil leak from the transmission and transfer case


  • Non-functional replica Browning .50 caliber machine gun

  • Two trollies

  • Original .50 caliber tripod

  • Original .30 caliber tripod

  • Reproduction .30 caliber tripod

  • Unditching roller

  • Set of shielding spark plugs

  • Entrenching and recovery tools

  • Tool kit

Ownership History

The current owner of this 1942 White Scout Car relayed that they purchased the truck from Chillicothe, Ohio, in 2009.

Hagerty Marketplace has confirmed a clean title status, the owner maintains the title in hand and will send it to the Hagerty Marketplace team to be reassigned to the new owner after the auction is complete.


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