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What is HPDE?

HPDE stands for High Performance Driver’s Education, which is an event that allows you to take your car out on a track in a safe, controlled environment. Instructors are on hand to teach driving basics, techniques and safety. Advanced participants with enough experience may receive a sign off from an instructor to drive solo.

Doesn’t my auto insurance policy protect my car during an HPDE event?

Most standard auto insurance policies do not cover HPDE events. Auto insurers have started adding specific language excluding “track”, “high performance”, “HPDE-type”, “racing or speed contest events” or while on a “racing surface”. Without HPDE insurance, you might not be covered in the event of an accident or damage to your car.

When I first purchased my auto insurance policy, I was told by my insurance agent that I have coverage for HPDE events. Why do I need this policy?

In the past decade, most auto insurance companies have added exclusions to their policies eliminating coverage of vehicles for HPDE events. We recommend you review your policy and talk to your agent prior to an HPDE event to confirm your coverage.

Is any car eligible for HPDE coverage under this policy?

Our policies cover most vehicles that have VIN numbers.

Are Time Trials covered?

Coverage for competitive and non-competitive time trials is available, simply select either option when completing your quote or purchasing a policy.

What is the difference between a Competitive Time Trial and a Non-competitive Time Trial?

In a Competitive Time Trial, your time is ranked against others or is used to assign points. In a Non-competitive Time Trial, your time is for personal use only.

What does this policy cover?

Hagerty’s HPDE Track Day Insurance Powered by RLI provides physical damage coverage for your car while you are participating in an HPDE event. Your coverage protects your vehicle while on the track or in the paddock. Liability coverage for the driver(s) is not included in this policy.

Do you offer HPDE coverage for motorcycles?

We only provide HPDE coverage for cars. If you are interested in off track coverage for your motorcycle click here.

Will my vehicle be covered if the instructor drives my car?

Yes, your instructor is automatically included in your policy. An additional driver, such as a friend or relative, can be included if they are listed on the application.

Can I add a secondary covered driver?

If you are splitting a registration (using one standard registration of driving time) with a friend, you can add a second covered driver for no additional fee. If you and your friend are together doing more than one standard registration of driving time, you will each need to purchase a separate policy.

Does this policy cover me while I’m racing?

Our policy is designed to cover you during high performance driver’s education events, not competitive, wheel-to-wheel racing events.

Is there year round coverage available for my vehicle?

While HPDE coverage is only on a per event basis, Hagerty offers off track coverage tailored for race cars and full coverage for street legal vehicles click here.

How do deductibles work?

We offer two deductible options:

  • 10% with a $2,000 minimum and $12,000 maximum
  • 15% with a $3,000 minimum and $18,000 maximum

I can't make my event anymore, what can I do about the insurance I bought?

Hey, we understand that stuff happens. Shoot us a note or give us a call and we'll work with you to find the right solution, 800-444-0406.

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