1957 Lotus Eleven

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  • ListedSun, Jan 15
  • LocationPin outlineWest Palm Beach, FL

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$620/yearEstimated rate for this vehicle

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Chassis/VINMK 11 273
Mileage500 Miles
EngineCoventry Climax FWA
Body Styleconv
Exterior ColorWhite
Interior ColorBlack vinyl and bare aluminum

This is an authentic Lotus Eleven with original chassis and original Coventry Climax engine. It is one of the 270 Elevens built by Lotus and one of the last Club models in existence. It has undergone a frame-up restoration to its original full street configuration by the owner, the same owner since 1975. A 1950's sports car on another level, with all components rebuilt and in excellent condition. Relatively simple to maintain. Easy to title depending on your location. To see & hear it in action search YouTube for “the Lotus Eleven Club model” and watch all the way to the end, or just use this direct link: https://youtu.be/YI5Q72KTB-A

For more information and photos contact the owner directly at: lotusjay11@gmail.com

Open to offers.

Paint and exterior

In original white with blue center stripe. Concours quality finish.

Upholstery and interior

as-original interior trim, full instrumentation with detachable steering wheel


Original Engine: Yes

1098 cc, overhead cam, twin SU carbs, stage 2 tune


This Eleven has driven fewer than 60 miles in the last 48 years.

Wheels and tires

Borrani (aluminum) wire wheels.

Street legal Michelin ZX radials.


Standard Lotus Eleven Club brakes, drums front and rear.


MG-A type 4-speed, as original. Rebuilt in 2019




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