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Matthew Bange

Traverse City, MI

Hi Iā€™m Matt and I eat, breathe, and sleep hot rods šŸ˜Ž



Some of the greatest hot rods come, not from people with years of experience, but from passionate young hobbyists who are chasing a dream. These are cars built with an intense love for the hobby, its history and culture. It takes true dedication to see an immense project through to the end, especially when jumping in headfirst with nothing but an image in your mind and a rusty shell in front of you. I did just that at the age of 19 and continue to do so till today. I'm a mechanically-inclined and self-taught individual who's built hot rods for a little over ten years now and worked in speed shops as far west as California. I have an absolute obsession and blast building them so stay tuned for more projects to come!