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Mark Dawley

Pickens, SC

Six Mile Mountain Museum of Transportation, Technology and Whatnot..... A private definitely never gonna be a for profit endeavor.



Now finally retired auto engineer who likes to fix stuff. Worked at Ferrari shop, a Mercedes shop then had my own shop during college years (Go Bucks!). Ran Pro Rally with Joe Alexander in a heavily modified Merc 250 sedan 1978-80. Rallycrossed and autocrossed my first car, a ‘68 Cortina GT and then anything else that would pass tech. Probably have owned 120+ cars; currently have 13. Wife also drives them all but really loves her (now with 300K miles) ‘98 SLK. Before that it was the FrankenB for years. Lot’s of friends around the world with the same affliction. We tend to pass cars around to each other at the “buddy “ price with a buy back option…..always.