1972 BMW R75/5


2-cyl. 745cc/50hp

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Model overview

Model description

Now in its third full year of production, the R75/5, which had represented such a big step forward for BMW, received a few key updates in 1972. Most obvious among them was the available 4.5-gallon tank, smaller and more slender than the 6.3-gallon reservoir. Fitted with chrome covers bearing the evocative roundel emblem and red streaks, this tank was derided by some as being a bit like a toaster. Other technical updates included a lightened flywheel and lowered rear-axle ratio. Oversquare with an 82.0 x 70.6 mm bore and stroke, the air-cooled, overhead-valve horizontally opposed twin displaced 745cc. The twin’s 57hp at 6,200 rpm represented a 15hp increase over the R69S, formerly top of the line.

The 1972 BMW R75/5 could do 110 mph, and Cycle World recorded a quarter mile in 13.89 seconds, excellent results for a 463-lb bike. Stronger midrange acceleration than most multi-cylinder bikes was the big boxer’s calling card. A pair of 32mm Bing constant velocity carburetors was another advance, but the bike still had a four-speed gearbox. Of course, shaft drive was used. Defenders of the drum brakes say they can be very effective if properly adjusted. In the early 1970s, BMW was making a big effort to spice up its bikes with an array of available colors that included Curry Metallic Gold. Blue or green with white pinstripes were also optional. “With all the little kinks ironed out, the ’72 BMW emerges once again as one of the nicest of touring machines,” praised Cycle Illustrated.

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