1967 BMW R60/2


2-cyl. 594cc/30hp

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Model overview

Model description

For the 1967 BMW R60/2, the company continued with the Earles-type leading-link front suspension with hydraulic dampers, but a contemporary telescopic fork became available with a new model, the R60US. Developed in endurance racing, the fork provided 8.4 inches of travel and sufficient resistance to dive under heavy braking to make the Earles setup obsolete. The R60/2 also continued with a twin leading-shoe front drum brake and single shoe rear drum. It still made do with a six-volt, 60-watt Bosch electrical system with magneto.

With bore and stroke of 72 x 73mm and a low 7.5:1 compression ratio, the air-cooled, overhead-valve, horizontally opposed 593cc twin produced 30hp at 5,800 rpm. A pair of inclined 24mm Bing carburetors managed fuel flow. Unitized construction mated the engine to the four-speed gearbox. Top speed was 90 mph (or 69 mph with sidecar). Tank capacity was 4.5 gallons, but an oversize 6.5-gallon tank was available. For touring, the bike could be accessorized with adjustable footrests, cross-country handlebars, a variety of racks and bags, and a crash bar to guard the cylinders. The wheels could be chrome-plated steel or polished aluminum. One source gives production totals of 2,615 for the R60/2 and 708 for the R60US models.

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