1977 BMW R100/7


2-cyl. 980cc/60hp

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Model overview

Model description

“Like many qualities the BMW possesses, the sound is understated—rich and elegant,” commented Big Bike magazine in a 1977 review. This is just one of the superlatives earned by the 1977 BMW R100/7, the standard version of the new, upsized /7 series. The lovely feel of the controls, the effective lighting, and even the authoritative honk of the horn were deemed state of the art. New dogleg-style clutch and brake levers supplied by Magura also earned praise. The only real criticism was directed at the small-diameter, hard handgrips. Otherwise, there were just minor eccentricities.

The new model featured many changes to the engine. The air-cooled, overhead-valve, horizontally opposed twin now displaced 980cc with a bore and stroke of 94.0 x 70.6 mm and a 9.0:1 compression ratio. It made 60hp at 6,500 rpm. At 474 lb, the R100/7 was a bit lighter than the R100S and range-topping R100RS, and even with less power it would do 117 mph. Ride quality was remarkable for its suppleness in combination with stable handling. A single 260mm front disc and rear drum stopped the bike, but the 6.3-gallon tank ensured long distances between stops.

Adding a small fairing, rear rack, and mounts for saddlebags made a long-distance tourer if the owner desired. The price tag of $3,685 was just slightly less shocking than the stickers on the S and RS. About 12,000 copies of the R100/7 were made in four-year production run.

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