A message from our CEOs

“While Hagerty's purpose is to preserve and promote the enjoyment of driving for the next generations, at our core, we're built to help our clients, members and partners in times of difficulty. We’ve gone to great lengths to protect our teams and facilities so that we can continue to serve you. Our over 1,200 employees send our very best to you and your families during these turbulent times. And if you find yourself working from home and in need of some virtual automotive enjoyment, please take a look at the newsletters and videos being produced by our world class media teams.”

McKeel Hagerty

Hagerty CEO

Looking out for One Team Hagerty so we can continue to serve you:

Our team members are our most important resource, and we're making their health and safety our first priority by taking the following precautionary steps:

  • 95% of our team members are currently working from home. Those who aren't are being dispersed throughout our offices to ensure a limited number of people in one room.
  • We want our team members to stay home and recuperate if they're feeling ill, so they are not currently required to use paid time off for COVID-19 related absences.
  • All COVID-19 related medical expenses are being covered.
  • Virtual care visits for all medical and mental health needs are being covered.
  • We've increased our cleaning procedures and upgraded our in-office air flow systems to increase air quality and decrease airborne pathogens.
  • For those team members working in the office, we have safety protocols in place and are providing PPE and additional hand sanitation stations.
  • We’ve closed our onsite gym and café, and we've closed our lobbies to the public for now.

We remain committed to our members and clients:

Like you, we are adjusting to a new “normal.” We hope the road is getting smoother for you and rest assured, our commitment to provide outstanding service hasn't changed.

At the beginning of the outbreak, we implemented temporary payment accommodations to provide relief to clients who were financially impacted by COVID-19. As restrictions were lifted, we resumed normal billing procedures starting July 10, 2020, including cancellation and non-renewal notifications subject to state variations.

To reach us, our call center is open 8 a.m.-8 p.m. EST, Monday-Friday; 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Saturday; and noon-4 p.m. EST, Sunday. If you don’t currently receive email communications from us, call us at +1 800-922-4050 to update your contact information. Email allows us to get in touch with you quickly and provide you with the latest information about your insurance policy as well as up-to-date hobby-related articles and videos. We won't give your email out to anyone and it will only be used for Hagerty communications.

You can also visit our website 24/7 to get a quote, pay your bill online, access your policy documents and ID cards, or file a claim. We encourage you to use this resource for non-urgent questions and transactions.

We're here for agents:

As we continue to adapt to the changes that COVID-19 is necessitating in our normal business operations, we're doing what we can to minimize impacts on the level of service and support we provide to you and our mutual clients.

This includes taking the following steps:

  • Work from home: Many of our global team members already work remotely. We have made arrangements to support more work-from-home/virtual teaming.
  • Travel: We have modified our routine travel patterns, including temporarily canceling all business travel. For the next few weeks, agency office visits will be held virtually.
  • Member communication: We're keeping in touch with our members to assure them of this information as well, especially those who attend Hagerty automotive and Hagerty Drivers Club events.
  • Partner communication: We want to maintain our open channels with you, and we'll make all efforts to remain accessible. Our team members are available by phone, video (Zoom), and teleconference capabilities.

Ultimately, beyond business, we're committed to our partnership and our teams. We are our best when we come together to manage through times like this as one global community. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We're continually assessing our participation in upcoming events:

Due to federal recommendations, most upcoming in-person automotive events have been postponed or canceled. We will continue to evaluate future Hagerty events on a case-by-case basis.

  • In-person events: For safety, we have suspended attendance to events/shows at this time. We plan to resume activities when it's safe to do so.
  • Virtual events: We'll continue to host virtual events for Hagerty Drivers Club members. You can find a list of upcoming virtual events here.

Here’s how you can help:

The medical personnel working on the front lines of the COVID-19 health crisis face a shortage of the protective gear that helps them stay safe. Specifically, the N-95 masks that cover the nose and mouth are in short supply.

The masks, which are sometimes called respirators, are also used by automotive do-it-yourselfers, car restorers, contractors, body shops and similar businesses, to filter dust and odors. Perhaps you have some in your shop or business. If so, Hagerty is asking you to consider donating them to a local hospital or healthcare facility to protect healthcare providers as they work to stem the tide of the coronavirus crisis.

To donate, contact your local hospital or healthcare facility. According to CBS, PPE Link, a website set up by scientists, engineers and medical professionals across the U.S., is seeking donations through a form on its website. The site will match donors with sites needed donations. We’re at our best when we drive together. Please consider helping if you can.

Get your car fix while social distancing:

If you're feeling well, we encourage you to spend some solo time behind the wheel to reflect and take a break.

Even if you're sticking close to home, you can stay engaged in the hobby by visiting our huge library of automotive content or joining our community of car lovers. Visit us on: