The Redline Update Chevrolet 3600 pickup is all but done, but Davin is not one to clean his tools and sit on his hands for any amount of time. That might be why there was already another project waiting in the wings, ready to spring out to center stage. This project has already gotten some screen time on our channel before. Tom Cotter found a great stash of cars including this racer on episode 44 of Barn Find Hunter, but this car stuck to everyone involved in such a way that is had to make a comeback.

Davin is tackling a late-30s Ford that lived life as a short track racer before getting stashed away on the property of Snowball Bishop. A wreck put the original build on its lid, and the crew put it out to pasture in the woods. That’s when Snowball schemed to rescue the old body and build a new frame for the car.

Bishop and his son got to work re-framing the car using a 1955 Chevrolet as the chassis, and powering it with a Ford flathead V-8. The then-aging flathead was Snowball’s engine of choice simply because everyone else was running small-block Chevrolets—and he could still beat them. When that tide turned, he starting calling friends to find a new powerplant. A Ford Y-block 312 took up residence between the framerails for a short time, but Snowball neglected to service the engine as the builder recommended, and the connecting rods let go and sliced the block to pieces. That was when the 440 Mopar that is currently with the car came into the picture.

The circle-track history of this car is the main part that brought this Barn Find Hunter and Redline Rebuild crossover together. Tom has spent time on track in a number of vintage cars, and Davin still tracks in the heavy clay from the dirt tracks around Michigan into the office on Monday mornings. This tube-framed Ford captured both of their interests and prompted Davin to hitch up a trailer and pull the car back to the new shop in Michigan.

Now, the only part left is the hard part; Davin is primed to get his hands greasy, and Tom is headed out on another hunt. The project phase begins, and if you want to see what Davin and the team has planned for this car, stay tuned in the coming weeks. The easiest way to keep in-the-know on the latest videos and updates is to subscribe to Hagerty’s YouTube channel and receive updates with each video that goes live.

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