He hinted at it in the last video, but now Davin can announce that the Redline Rebuild crew is moving into a new shop. The team’s projects and ambitions simply outgrew the single-stall garage that served Davin and the crew so well for just over two years. When the chance came to move into a shop with more floorspace, the group jumped at it.

“The space is more than just the ability to hold more projects,” said Davin as he walked through the shop as the team began to set it up. “It is also going to let us work more efficiently. We are going to spend less time shuffling things and more time getting work done.”

Beyond the second lift and extra parking spots, the new space also contains dedicated nooks for various tasks. Workbenches for electrical work, a room for dirty work like fabrication, and a clean room for engine assembly. However, despite the convenience of the new facility, Davin’s careful to point out that the extra rooms and benches are just that—conveniences.

“All the work we do could be done in a home garage. I restored my first car in a one-and-a-half car garage, and it turned out pretty well,” said Davin. “All this just makes things a bit easier, especially when juggling multiple projects and documenting it all with a camera crew.”

Davin spends today’s shop tour video explaining the whys and hows of the new Redline Rebuild garage; next week, he’ll be giving an update on the shop’s progress and a rundown of the Chevrolet 3600 pickup project. If you have questions about how Davin set up the new space or why the crew did it one way and not another, be sure to leave a comment on the video. While you are there, subscribe to the Hagerty YouTube channel so you don’t miss any of the future videos and projects that will come from this new space.

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