Enzo Ferrari called the Series I Jaguar E-type “the most beautiful car ever made,” but the E-type coupe doesn’t get nearly the attention of its convertible counterpart.  Chip Foose has plans to change that. Before our eyes, he’ll transform the E-type coupe into a streetwise sports car with even sleeker design elements.

Chip starts by putting the E-type’s side profile on paper, then gives it a lower greenhouse, more substantial rocker panels and a lowered stance. Of course, he keeps the Jaguar’s signature cab-backward body, thin chrome bumpers, and fastback roofline, but Chip also envisions a faster A-pillar with a less extreme wrap to the windscreen.  Larger wire spoke wheels, cooling vents behind the front wheels, the deletion of vertical bumperettes, and relocated taillights complete the concept. Now that’s how you make an already clean design even cleaner.

Without a doubt, Foose took a nearly six-decade-old design and brought it up to today’s standards. Did he do this classic design justice? Tell us in the comments below; we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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