Porsche’s frying up an even bigger SUV, crate LS6 surfaces, Bolt production done for year


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Porsche is frying up an even bigger SUV

Intake: A plan is in the works at Porsche to develop an SUV that is larger, longer, and wider than the Cayenne crossover (shown above), according to Automotive News. U.S. Porsche dealers were shown a rendering of what the vehicle may look like last week, and one dealer described it to AN as “part sedan, part crossover.” A Porsche spokesperson told AN that while the company doesn’t speculate on specific future models, the automaker has become “very open in sharing ideas under an initiative—Porsche Unseen—the majority of which don’t make it beyond the ideas stage” but can serve as inspiration for future products. The new vehicle will likely arrive sometime after 2025 and may offer three rows—the first Porsche to do so.

Exhaust: Are we on the brink of another Cayenne moment? Although the large SUV is hardly integral to Porsche’s ethos, the Cayenne pays the bills that the 911 and 718 Boxster/Cayman ring up. From January of 2019 through September of this year, Porsche sold more than 52,000 Cayennes; for context, the 911 sold less than half that. BMW and Mercedes have ventured into the three-row SUV game—why shouldn’t Porsche raise an XL cash cow?

Bolt plant pauses through 2021 as recalls take priority

Chevrolet All-Electric 2022 Bolt EUV brake fill
Chevrolet/Steve Fecht

Intake: As first reported by the Detroit News, production for the Chevrolet Bolt is done for the year. GM’s Dan Flores states: “This decision will enable us to continue prioritizing recall repairs. We will continue to inform employees at the appropriate time of any additional production schedule adjustments in early 2022, as we continue to focus on battery module replacements.” Earlier this fall, production resumed only briefly to make backup Bolts for customers who needed a vehicle while theirs was under repair. That order has since ended as of November 15. GM informed its Orion plant employees (on “downtime”) that future production schedules hinge on satisfying the terms of the recall requires rather than filling new orders.

Exhaust: It’s been a long year for the Chevrolet Bolt. A chapter that’s finally coming to a close, but unfortunately at the expense of increased idle time at Orion. GM appears intent on not getting too far ahead of itself and ensuring that the recall woes get zapped as quickly as possible heading into 2022. Wise. 

LS6 stands for performance, and this one is ready to bolt (in)

LS6 crate engine craigslist chevy performance big block old school

Intake: Talk ’60s muscle cars and one engine code reigns supreme: LS6. The biggest and baddest big-block to come bolted between the frame rails of Chevrolet production cars. The engine garnered such a following that Chevrolet eventually released the build as a crate offering, since only a handful entered the wild in Chevelle and Corvette models of the late ’60s and early ’70s. We found one that was minted in 1990 on Craigslist in Reno that might be perfect for display or your next project.

Exhaust: It is a kicker of an engine, but don’t be so quick to believe the hype that these were substantially underrated from the factory. That myth was parroted for years to the point that Super Chevy magazine strapped a correct LS6 Chevelle to a dyno and turned the roller to the tune of 283 wheel horsepower. Factor in powertrain losses and the LS6 is awful close to its 350-hp factory rating. Regardless, the 500 lb-ft of torque is perfect for a big-body muscle car and this un-started crate might be the perfect one to shove in your project.

This electric Lancia Delta Integrale is going rallycrossing

GCK Motorsport electric Lancia Delta Integrale
GCK Motorsport

Intake: A French racing setup is hoping to emulate the historic success of the Lancia Delta Integrale by fielding an electrified resto-mod in the 2022 World Rallycross Championship. The GCK Motorsport EVO-eRX looks almost identical to the car that won eight FIA World Rally Championships between 1988 and 1992, but will ditch the original two-liter turbo motor for a 690-hp electric powertrain. The Kreisel Electric RX1e kit is the control power system for the 2022 WRX and should ensure close racing across the field. Whether anyone else will go retro remains to be seen, as the line-up of teams for 2022 has yet to be announced.

Exhaust: Who else can’t wait to see an Integrale drifting in the dirt again? Well, there’s GCK president Guerlian Chicherit for starters, who said, “We chose the Lancia Delta Integrale because it’s a vehicle that made us all dream. It’s the rally car par excellence—without doubt the most incredible of its era—and one that remains hugely popular to this day.”

Polestar’s Model S fighter is officially set for 2024

Intake: Polestar already makes electrified cars under the 1 coupe and 2 sedan, but the jump to 5 for a flagship sedan is now cemented for 2024. (Models 3 and 4 will be SUVs.) Polestar released a documentary style video showing the exterior design of the Precept concept, and how it will translate into the production-spec Polestar 5. The LIDAR module mounted proudly atop the roof suggests that Polestar is taking autonomous driving to the next level, and looking to elevate the Polestar brand to a true luxury automaker status.

Exhaust: Curated videos of OEM studios are usually marketing tools and not a deep dive into car design, and this one is no different. But behind the filler words, minimalist spaces, and inspirational music is a documentary showing what goes into making a car with very little brand equity. We are seeing the next step in the evolution of Polestar’s design DNA, but this is just one installment of the Precept video series on Polestar’s YouTube channel. There’s something to be said about seeing Precept/5 unfold before our eyes, becoming what the Model S was for Tesla.

Limited-run Icona specials could keep Ferrari’s V-12 alive

Ferrari Daytona_SP3_03

Intake: Ferrari plans to follow the newly-released Daytona SP3 with up to five more Icona series cars, taking inspiration from the marque’s past glories. At the unveiling of the Daytona SP3 chief communications and marketing officer Enrico Galliera said there are “four or five potential concepts we could work on.” These models could also be an opportunity to keep the V-12 alive for longer as higher-volume models are electrified. Design boss Flavio Manzoni told Autocar, “It’s a good opportunity, it’s matching 100 percent our customers’ requirements and it has a limited impact on the discussion of CO2.” The Daytona SP3 follows the Monza SP1 and SP2 Icona models, both of which had their V-12s mounted up front.

Exhaust: There are few engines more exotic than a Ferrari V-12 and if limited-run Icona models are the only way to keep them roaring then keep ’em coming. “I personally believe we have to fight for this engine. From a technology point of view, it’s not the most efficient. A V-8 turbo could make it better in terms of performance. But from an emotional point of view, it’s the best you can have,” said Manzoni.

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