Polestar Precept is a dream come true

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Swedish EV upstart Polestar has announced that its striking Precept “vision” vehicle will go into production.

Hot on the heels of the highly-acclaimed, if not imaginatively-named, Polestar 1 coupe and Polestar 2 SUV, the Precept is a high-performance, luxury electric sedan to take on the likes of the Tesla Model S, Porsche Taycan, and Lucid Air.

Polestar first revealed the Precept in February 2020, saying it was a “commitment car not a concept car,” and the company has proven to be true to its word, after the media and public alike took a shine to the car.

“‘The public said, ‘We want it’, so we decided to build it,” says Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath.


Designed as an eco-friendly halo vehicle, the Precept won’t be produced in huge numbers but will instead remain an exclusive flagship for the Polestar brand, with the Polestar 2 and upcoming Polestar 3 doing the heavy lifting for the company. Longer than a Model S, the Precept stands out with its “near-future” design and sustainable materials. Using flax-based composites instead of traditional plastics saves weight, while recycled PET bottles, cork, and even old fishing nets are all employed.


The Precept’s pillar-less design enables the doors to open wide on an interior that manages to be sumptuous, despite eschewing traditional materials such as wood and leather.

Polestar is still remaining tight-lipped about the Precept’s powertrain, performance, pricing, and on-sale date but has confirmed the car will be built in China, at a new carbon-neutral plant. The Precept marks the next step on Polestar’s journey to become completely climate neutral.

“Consumers want to see change from this industry—not just dreams,” Ingenlath says. “Now, Precept becomes an even stronger statement. We are committed to reduce the environmental impact of our cars and our business. The aim has to be climate neutrality, even though I recognize that is a long-term goal.”

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