Listen to the 3-cylinder mule of Gordon Murray’s 12,100 rpm V-12

While some may argue that Gordon Murray’s lifelong dream of a fan-based ground effect system won’t be legal all over the planet, what’s for sure is that the T.50’s equally wild V-12 engine is well on its way to series production. And as usual, Cosworth is testing the engine design in three-cylinder form before scaling up to twelve for the final prototypes. One of the numerous benefits of a modular design.

Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA) says the final V-12 version of its naturally-aspirated, dry-sump twin-cam 3.9-liter ‘Cosworth-GMA’ engine will rev to an “unparalleled” 12,100 rpm, while developing 650 hp and 332 lb-ft of torque. With the T.50’s outstanding weight figure of 2160 pounds, this V-12 provides a power-to-weight of 663 hp/ton. GMA says this exceeds that of any other naturally-aspirated sports car designed for the road, while also claiming the highest power density from a naturally-aspirated V-12.

gordon murray design t50 supercar drawing
Gordon Murray

I don’t doubt that, because to achieve better, one really needs to go twin-turbo, and perhaps even further with a valveless head like Koenigsegg. But such a trick three-cylinder won’t rev to 12,100 rpm, evidenced by the fact that  Koenigsegg’s latest tops out at a touch over 8400 rpm. We’ll have to wait for the V-12 iteration to enjoy that noise.

Limited to a run of 100 cars, T.50 production is set to start in 2021, with first deliveries scheduled for early 2022. But before learning more about it, here’s that mighty three-cylinder, all heated up:

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