Crank up your project-car motivation by binge-watching our DIY videos

Keeping any vintage car on the road takes time, care, and attention to detail. It is not if your ride will need work done, but when. We want to help you with your projects by walking you through some of those items that folks can reasonably attack at home. If you’re ready to dip your toe in the DIY pool, start with our YouTube playlist.

There are a few favorites and recommendations on the playlist. For a newcomer who might only have a few tools, the sealed-beam headlight adjustment is a great starting point and one both you and other drivers on the road will appreciate.

If you’re more adept at getting your hands greasy in the garage, Davin’s tricks for removing stubborn and broken bolts is a great review of a process that can keep a project on track when things go pear-shaped mid-disassembly.

Since a lot of us are now finding ourselves with a bit more time for projects, why not dive into the electrical world—you know, the one most amateur mechanics avoid at all costs, if they can help it. If you’ve got a multimeter handy, sit down and review the basics with Matt, then get under the dash of your car and clean up that wiring so it keeps running properly for years. Maybe you can even fix that one dash light that isn’t working.

Do you have a favorite Hagerty DIY? Let us know in a comment below. While you are at it, share your favorite DIY project or recommendation for future DIY videos.

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