Ford re-reschedules 2021 Bronco reveal date, following accidental overlap with O.J.’s birthday

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Kamil Kaluski

A tweet by Mark Truby, Ford’s vice president of communications, confirms that the reveal of the Ford Bronco has been rescheduled, yet again, this time to July 13.

As we reported earlier in the week, the proposed July 9 reveal coincidentally fell on O.J. Simpson’s birthday. Simpson was infamously involved in an hour-long police chase in a white Ford Bronco that was televised nationwide in 1994.

Ford’s move seems appropriate. There is always a chance that more leaks and spy photos will lessen the impact of a vehicle debut, but there was nothing to be gained by sticking with the July 9 date. The internet is full of conspiracy theorists and cynics, so plenty of tweets suggested that Ford’s date choice, for whatever reason, was somehow deliberate. This is, of course, nonsense. The Bronco is the most highly anticipated vehicle reveal of the year, and the biggest since the 2020 Corvette was unveiled last year, so Ford is not taking chances and being cute about the reveal date. Four more days, at this point, is no big deal.

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