Uncovered Ford Bronco images apparently leaked, including four- and two-door models

Like the half-pint Bronco Sport before it, the Ford Bronco—in both two and four-door forms—appears to have broken cover before its official release date later this month. Instagram account @theraptorconnection posted two photos yesterday showing two different examples of what appear to be four-door Broncos, one black and one silver. Meanwhile, the Facebook page Juggernaut Performance posted what looks to be the two-door version of the Bronco, along with the same photo of the silver four-door as theraptorconnection’s Instagram page.

Along with sniffing out various technical details, we’ve had an idea of the shape of the full-size Bronco since Ford returned to the Baja 1000 off-road race earlier this year with the Bronco R, and we’ve spied prototypes out testing before. While there’s no way to verify the veracity of the images for certain, the dimensions and the lines of these vehicles certainly fall in line with the clues we’ve seen in the past few months.

Let’s start with the silver four-door—a few things stick out to us. First and foremost are the large tires with what appear to be beadlock wheels also found on the Ford Raptor. There’s a healthy amount of sidewall and some serious-looking tread, implying an off-road-ready use case. The black roof and rear glass of the vehicle look like a soft-top similar to what you’d find on a Jeep Wrangler.

The signature slope in the nose is a stylistic nod to the first-gen Bronco, and we’re seriously digging it. Ditto the illuminated Bronco badging and circular LED running lights up front.

The image of the black Bronco confirms that we’ll also see a rear-mounted full-size spare tire, as well as a removable hardtop. This one appears to be a more street-friendly version, possibly a base model, with more subdued tires and wheels. In the background, we can see what looks like a two-door version sans hardtop, and the safety structure looks remarkably like that of the Wrangler.

Ford Bronco Leak
Instagram / @theraptorconnection

The two-door Bronco posted on the Juggernaut Performance Facebook page shows a body color-matched hardtop and the same beadlock wheels as the silver four-door. There’s an unidentified fender badge on the two-door (if I squint I see a longhorn steer-type figure), and we can see a rear-mounted spare wheel on this one as well.

Ford Bronco leak
Facebook / Juggernaut

Sadly, there’s no images of the interior, so we can’t definitively confirm or deny the existence of the rumored seven-speed manual transmission.

If this is what we’re to expect at the unveiling later this month, we’re all the way on board.

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