Ford plans Bronco reveal for July 9th, O.J. Simpson’s birthday

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In a post on Twitter, Ford is indicating that the 2021 Bronco will be revealed on July 9. The reveal follows months of delay due to COVID-19. We’ve been eagerly anticipating the full details and specs on the nimble off-roader as Ford slowly trickled out details and photos were leaked.

Speaking of details, that July 9 date, whether purposeful or accidental, is more fitting than perhaps Ford might like to admit, as the Detroit Free Press noticed. It’s the same day as O.J. Simpson’s birthday. Simpson’s low-speed police chase in Al Cowling’s Bronco, a 1993 model that was identical in appearance to Simpson’s own Bronco, is (like it or not) one of the SUV’s most infamous moments.

Simpson was supposed to turn himself in to the LAPD following the murder of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman. Instead, Cowling drove the Bronco through Southern California with O.J. in the back. The hour-long chase was followed by a standoff at Simpson’s home. The chase was broadcast live nationwide and is likely the most notable Bronco appearance in pop culture.

The photo that Ford posted to Twitter includes three sets of tire tracks, one significantly narrower than the other, leading to speculation that we’ll see the two-door and four-door Bronco as well as the Bronco Sport. Ford had previously planned a separate event, in April, for the Bronco Sport.

In hindsight, the choice of date seems like something that could have been checked, but the odds of that happening purely by chance are pretty slim. One in 365, or 366 in a leap year!

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