The Wrenchmen: Larry's 1964 Volvo 1800S - Hagerty Media

Have you ever had a project that’s stuck, stalled, or over your head? Sometimes it just takes an extra set of eyes and an extra set of hands. Enter “The Wrenchmen”—Matt and Davin—who travel the country getting classic cars back on the road.

In Episode 6, presented by Shell and Pennzoil, the guys head to Austin, Texas, to tackle the wiring and brake problems on Larry’s 1964 Volvo 1800S. It ends up needing a lot more. The Wrenchmen also get the engine running for the first time since it was rebuilt three years ago and install gauges, headlights, signal lights, the steering wheel, seats, doors, and a hood. On the third day, they hand Larry the keys, and he fulfills a dream he’s had since he first saw an 1800S on the 1960s TV show The Saint.

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