Would you Pay an EXTRA 45K for this Modified Jaguar MK II? | The appraiser - Ep. 18 - Hagerty Media

The Jaguar Mark II sedan was a useful and elegant update of the company’s first small unibody sedan, the Mark I of 1955. The modifications resulted in what is often considered to be the best-looking, most compact Jaguar sedan. This is often considered to be one of the first sports wagons of its time. This particular MKII has had several upgrades that make it a driver’s dream. Air cooling shrouds to manage the common overheating problems, late model alternator, modern fuse panel and relays, custom AC box, and period correct vents, which makes this car really appealing for any road trip fanatics. Do these upgrades increase the value of the car? Will Colin have to break some bad news? Tune in and find out!

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    UNIQUE AND AWESOME And a GREAT VISIONARY !! Ever Decided to Sell Look Me Up !! Or if You Want to Do Some Other Project Also !!!

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