Remember being a kid and throwing your toy cars around in the sandbox? We did the grown-up version of that today.

For the latest Redline Update on the Subaru, Davin fires up the forklift and tosses the rusty old wagon body on a trailer for its final ride to the recycler, where the WRX will go to the big car lot in the sky—perhaps to be reincarnated once its steel is repurposed. We do get to have a bit of fun before it actually heads into the smelter: The site’s massive claw picks it up, drops it, punches it down like pizza dough, and folds it into a WRX calzone.

“Now, before everybody gets upset,” Davin says, “this Subaru is not worth saving. Trust me, I know—I save everything.”

With the car crushed and stacked with other rusted-out hulks, the last bits of Subaru are unceremoniously swept away with the help of a huge I-beam. Davin flings in the last rogue WRX part before we send the video off with some more claw’s-eye views of destruction.

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