Video: A VW Love Story | Classic of the Year - Hagerty Media

Classic of the Week isn’t a beauty contest. It isn’t about which cars are most original, or which have been most perfectly restored. It’s all about the stories behind the cars. One of the coolest parts of our jobs at Hagerty is that we get to talk with our clients and their cars. Classic of the Week is our way of sharing some of the fantastic stories we hear. It all starts with a conversation: Our clients tell us a lot of great stories about their classics. When we hear a particularly fantastic one, we’ll nominate it as a potential Classic of the Week. Then, the employees of Hagerty vote. The nominee with the most votes becomes that week’s featured classic. Then every month, we choose a Classic of the Month winner using the same process. And then the winners from each month are entered to win Classic of the Year. This is the Classic of the Year story for 2015.

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