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Caring for your car’s upholstery via routine maintenance only requires a few cleaning products. If your car’s seats are pretty clean, we simply recommend using Quik Interior Detailer Cleaner as it offers light cleaning along with nutrients and protection.

If your interior is a bit dirtier, or if you have a few coats of another interior dressing or protectant that was previously applied, you’ll want to thoroughly clean things with Meguiar’s Gold Class Leather and Vinyl Cleaner. It safely removes tough dirt and leaves leather, vinyl, rubber, and plastic revitalized and ready for protection.

As with all products, test for colorfastness and compatibility on a small, inconspicuous area.

You can spray directly onto the surface, but we recommend spraying onto a foam applicator or cotton terry cloth towel so you have more control and don’t overspray on other surfaces. Then work the cleaner gently but thoroughly into a section and wipe off any excess. Work in sections repeating this process two to three times if required. Once the surfaces are clean you’ll want to determine how much gloss you want.

After determining how glossy you’d like the surface and you’ve chosen the product, work the product into the vinyl, rubber, or plastic very thinly and evenly in sections. Follow with a new clean cotton terry cloth towel to remove any excess product. When you’re finished your car’s interior will look fresh, preserved, and ready for the road.

Products Highlighted:
W0004 Foam Applicators 4-pack
G18516 Gold Class Leather and Vinyl Cleaner
G13616 Quik Interior Detailer Cleaner
G4116 Natural Shine Protectant
G4016 Supreme Shine Protectant

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