Take the most pedestrian Honda Civic ever made and dump 200K into it… What do you get? Well, you no longer have to imagine because Spoon Sports and Built by Legends have done it for you. The employees at Spoon sports wanted to build a pedestrian car that is fun on the streets and fun on the track that could also be driven daily. They ultimately chose the Honda Civic EG6. The customization of this EG6 Civic goes all the way down to the nuts and bolts. Much like an F1 car, every modification and piece of this car had a purpose and reason to be modified or rebuilt. From the carbon fiber floors to the re-positioned engine to make room for the custom headers, it has been meticulously thought out. In this episode of “Capturing Car Culture,” you get to enjoy the ride with Larry Chen as he takes this three-year brainchild on a ride and shares his experience with you.

Presented by Pennzoil

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