Nothing guarantees that something will break quite like declaring a project done. The 1969 Mustang Mach 1 that Davin has been working on is the most recent example. Following the celebration of reuniting the car with Grandma Sue, it promptly left a puddle of oil on the floor. Time to roll the sleeves back up.

With a little investigation, it comes to light that the power steering hoses are the culprit. A couple of clicks on, and all the parts needed to refresh the system are on the workbench. This is a perfect example of “while I’m in there” syndrome, because while replacing only the lines might have solved the leak, replacing the whole system is a better use of Davin’s time. It eliminates the possibility that another tired piece in the system will fail tomorrow and bring the car right back to the shop. Just for good measure, a fresh set of shocks goes on as well.

Before Davin signs off, we get a couple of speed updates on the other projects. The Snowball race car’s headers are coming together, but more importantly the pistons are finally in for the Chrysler 440 that is destined to sit between the frame rails of the dirt track racer. That opens up a new path for progress, but you won’t see that for a few weeks. That time will be used to take be an in-depth look at what was required to update our Swap to Street 1946 For pickup with a T5 transmission. To see that process and so much more, be sure to subscribe to the Hagerty YouTube channel and never miss an update.

— Kyle Smith

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