Total Disaster At Cleetus's 2.4 Hrs Of LeMullets Race | Tony Angelo's Stay Tuned - Hagerty Media

Tony and the Stay Tuned team travel to The Freedom Factory in Florida, to race in Cleetus McFarland’s 2.4 hours of LeMullets, the largest automotive influencer oval track competition in the world.

It’s WAY more fun to drive a slow car fast than to drive a fast car slow, and it’s EVEN more fun when there are 15 other maniacs in slow cars trying to go faster than you! That’s the recipe for the 2.4 Hrs of LeMullets. 20 identically worn-out Crown Victorias racing at 10/10s around The Freedom Factory track. Watch Tony Angelo and Derek Bieri (from Vice Grip Garage,) team up to take a run at glory!

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