Top 10 Barn Finds: Breaking down the top ten stories from the show | Barn Find Hunter - Ep. 89 - Hagerty Media

The trips, finds, and interesting people have been countless, but there is at least one thing about Barn Find Hunter that we can count–how long Tom and the team have been at it. A lot can happen in five years, and there have been plenty of awesome finds and happenings during Barn Find Hunter filming. We asked Tom and the crew to highlight the top 10 finds thus far and now we get to see what they selected.

“To me, it’s not the value of the car, it’s the value of the story attached to the car,” Tom says about the vast array of unique and interesting cars he has literally uncovered over the years. It is easy for the story and personality of the owners to eclipse the value of the cars in most cases, but more than a few times Tom has smoothly chatted his way into buildings filled with some high-dollar sheet metal.

That might be why this list sounds more like Tom’s 10 favorite people he has met on the road. From Terry and Preston in North Pole, Alaska, to Bill Eubanks deep in the woods of the Carolinas, Tom was always quick to point out that these collections were not hidden. One just needed to introduce themselves and ask to hear the story behind the cars to be welcomed into the lives of these great owners.

Sure, there is no shortage of very valuable cars to be found out there, but as long as Tom is out scouting the countryside in search of interesting stories, it won’t be the value that impresses him. It’s all about the story, and that is a story we will continue to tell so be sure to subscribe to Hagerty’s YouTube channel to never miss a new find or adventure.

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