This Chevy Corvair was flooded during Hurricane Sandy. Will it Run? - Hagerty Media

This 1965 Chevy Corvair was totaled in New York after flooding during Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Since then it’s been floating around not running. Sometimes being stored outside, sometimes in a barn, and sometimes wherever there was space. Well, eleven years later, we’re ready to answer the question, Will it Run?

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    11 years is nothing.,

    We found a 9,000 mile 1965 Corvair convertible that was crashed in 1967 and left to sit. We got it in the early 1990’s and freed up the engine and got it to rotate. On original plugs, wires and other parts it ran.

    The valves were wanting to stick and bend but a bottle of Marvel Mystery oil solved that. We got it up and running and drove it on the dry rotted Firestone Rib factory tires.

    The car only need the carbs rebuilt and it ran like new.

    Marvel Mystery oil is your friend in old stuck up engines like this.

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