The Volkswagen Corrado VR6 sounds like a winner | Revelations with Jason Cammisa | Ep. 10 - Hagerty Media

The recipe for a successful sports car is simple: great looks, great name, and a vocal engine. VW’s Scirocco replacement had gorgeous styling and an Italian-sounding name. But the supercharged G60 engine was a disappointment. Slower than the Scirocco 16V it replaced, the new-technology four-cylinder Corrado G60 didn’t find many fans. Resurrecting an engine design pioneered by Lancia in 1922, VW created the VR6 — originally called the RV6 internally, which was a 2.8-liter 15-degree narrow-angle V6/straight-six hybrid that fits in the place of the previous four-cylinder. The original 12-valve VR6 is one of the best-sounding engines in a production car; combining the smooth, sultry sound of a straight-six with a wookie warble and none of a V-6’s harshness. It was a revelation then and now — and combined with Mk3 GTI suspension components, the Corrado SLC cleaned the floor of the super-coupe class in every performance metric. Including price. It was easily the most expensive car in its class, which meant slow sales. Which is the fourth and final recipe in creating a special collector’s car.

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