The new 2021 Ford Bronco - Finally! - RATED - Hagerty Media

Auto scribe Zack Klapman returns for season 2 of Hagerty’s RATED, joined by champion drifter and road racer, Dai Yoshihara. So, yes, expect everything to be drifted around a race track at least once. Well, almost everything…

We kick off the new season with a first-drive review of the highly anticipated, overly hyped, and very delayed all-new 2021 Ford Bronco. (The big one. Not the itty bitty cutesy Sport.) And in this first episode, Zack welcomes a special guest host: rally driver and off-roader extraordinaire Dave Carapetyan.

Zack and Dave are among the first to test the new Bronco. There isn’t any drifting but there are plenty of answers to the question: Was it worth the wait?

Ford Bronco Reveal
Ford Bronco Generations

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