The Fox-body Ford Mustang is the best blank canvas pony car | Buyer’s Guide - Hagerty Media

Hagerty’s Editor-at-Large Sam Smith takes a look at the Fox-body Ford Mustang and offers a general overview of the highly affordable but highly variable third-generation pony car. With an easy-to-modify structure, Sam not only covers the pluses and minuses of the Mustang’s massive aftermarket but also the nuances of owning, buying, and maintaining this iconic classic.

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    I am an original owner of a 1988gt convertible 5 speed that I ordered at the dealership checking each box that was available. It now has 171k on the original block (3rd transmission) and would never let it go the smiles per mile I could never replace for price I paid even after the 5 year payment plan.i have made upgrades as needed with for motor sports items and when you mash the pedal it will set you back on your seat.with suspension mods it hugs the road and sounds so nice running through the gears.thanks ford i love my fox body.

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