The Ford Mach-E is not the Mustang we know and love — Jason Cammisa on the Icons — Ep. 02 - Hagerty Media

By putting the Mustang name and badge on it, Ford got us to care about the Mach-E — a midsize SUV similar in size to the Edge.

Should we? Jason spends time with a Mach-E, a very sideways 2020 Mustang GT PP2, and a Tesla Model Y Long Range to find out.

Cashing in the Mustang’s brand equity on an SUV might seem like a disingenuous PR stunt, but it’s not, and for several reasons. Primarily, the badge fed back into the Mach-E’s development, resulting in Mustang-like looks, Mustang-like steering, and Mustang-like handling. Or, put another way, Mustang-like appeal.

Secondly, the internal combustion engine is being outlawed. Ford has no choice but to pivot towards electric cars. A lesson taken from Silicon Valley is that to survive (whether by innovation or evolution) you have to be willing to sacrifice your current products or brands.

So, can the Mach-E keep up with a Mustang GT in a drag race? How about the Tesla Model Y? Which is the better SUV?

You’ll have to watch to find out.

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